May 2, 2018

Spare Room Coffee is the creation of Sam Han and Jonny Low, UCLA students with an indie coffee pop-up looking to combine coffee and community. Featuring pour over and cold brew from Cat & Cloud Coffee, Oatly oat milk, and fresh pastries, Spare Room attracts students and those that happen upon their weekly pop-up and pop-ups at various events like JACOMA brunches. We caught up with Sam to talk about startups, the LA coffee scen...

October 10, 2017

YouTube began as a video sharing website, reserved for puppy videos and eyeshadow reviews. Yet, over the past few years, it has grown to house some of the most talented content creators and short-film makers around today. While cute puppy videos and makeup tutorials still have a place on YouTube, the platform has become a way for talented, creative individuals to share their message with giant audiences at the click of a butto...

September 2, 2017

 Photo of Devon Carlson by Riley Taylor as featured in Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 25

Devon Carlson, co-founder of Wildflower Cases; designer and female entrepreneur, was the cover star for Mad Sounds' latest issue (No. 25). We sat down with her to talk about girl power, business, and self-love -- and also some of her inside favorites spilled below. Check out the full conversation here.

MS: Who is your ultimate style icon?


August 26, 2017

Photo of Ashley Seryn by Emily Acosta

After sitting down with LA/OC based photographer Ashley Seryn for Mad Sounds Issue 25, we took some time to discuss her favorite everything in this exclusive lifestyle Q + A. Check out the full conversation about her photography and girl power here

MS: Favorite article of clothing you own?

AS: My Reformation mid-crop flares. Think the perfect fitting, buttery soft pair of denim jeans.


August 22, 2017

Photo by Aidan Doyle featuring Albina Silchuk for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 24 

Hair up, music playing. I pencil in my otherwise sparse eyebrows. I make weird faces into my mirror as I apply mascara. I suck in my cheeks as I fan bronzer along my bone structure.

This is my ritual for getting ready, a process mimicked by most women.

But also a societal expectation that transcends a makeup routine. I was 16 when I created my own rhy...

June 28, 2017

Photo by Oliver De La Cruz featuring Cailin WIlliams for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 24 

Everybody in identical gowns. A plethora of awards and diplomas. Four hundred caps being thrown ecstatically in the air. Graduation day was a blur of kids running around in green and black (my school colors), taking photos with supportive friends and family, and walking nervously across a stage trying not to trip and fall while keeping the ca...

June 27, 2017

Photo by Regan Norton featuring Kyra Nickel for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 23

Every day I try my best to use my platforms to either spread positivity, to challenge people's way of thinking, and or to just help people see things from a different perspective. As a creative and writer, I’m always thinking, always coming up with new ideas, and always trying to interpret things in a different light.  

Today I wanted to make a pos...

June 14, 2017

Photo by @indiesunshine on Instagram


If you are a concert junkie like me, then you would love this app! Bandsintown is my go-to app to find out when my favorite artists and musicians are going on tour or are having a show that’s near me. With this app, you can customize a list of all the artists you like and be notified whenever they are performing in your area. This app also make it easier to purchase tickets by pro...

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