Kevin Abstract: Empty/American Boyfriend

October 19, 2016


There’s one smile in the entirety of Kevin Abstract’s latest music video for his track “Empty”.  It fades quickly.  “Empty” is the first track released off of his upcoming album “American Boyfriend” due in November.  The video ends with the words “A Suburban Love Story” flashing across the scene, and the sound and the visuals tell just that.  It’s not pretty, not ideal, and it hurts.  But it captures growing up in all of its stages of discovery, happiness, and rejection.  If there’s one thing Kevin gets, it is the pain of coming of age.  No star would wrestle with this pain in the way Kevin does, but he still manages to sound like one.


A runaway, Kevin certainly has plenty of life experience for a twenty-year old, but he will openly admit he doesn’t have things figured out.  His music is a story of growth and pain.  It’s relatable.  He released his first album “MTV1987” in 2015 and a year later found himself touring with “The Neighbourhood” in both Europe and North America.  With influence from Kanye, Frank Ocean, and Tyler the Creator, the music is a progressive, forward-thinking blend of pop and hip hop. I love it, but that’s not to say everyone will. I think what anyone could agree on; however, is that Kevin’s music captures growing up perfectly. The lyrics are honest, deep, and vulgar.

The artist is the same.


Kevin creates an image that is both eccentric and relatable.  He is every kid trying to find a place in the world, but he just has a platform to share his story in an artistic way.  It’s amazing to see an artist so open, and I believe Kevin uses this to his advantage.  His fans are faithful and follow closely.  Something I’ve come to expect from Kevin Abstract is that he will never put forth something that is not his best, not something he’s proud of, and not something that captures who he is in all of its flaws, peculiarity, and beauty. It’s for this reason that I’m waiting impatiently for “American Boyfriend” to be released next month.  I’m expecting an album that’s revolutionary and hits close to home.  It’s a strange mix that only a few are able to capture.  Kevin does that. Just wait for this album.



















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