A Guide to Seasonal Anxiety

October 25, 2016

Due to approaching standardized test deadlines and arrival of final study guides, we all wonder if we’ll make it to winter break. I am currently taking on a full-time concurrent schedule at the community college in my city. It’s my first semester and I’ve already learned more than I thought I would.


Here are some tips to help push you through the rest of the semester or even use in the spring semester:



1. Planners Are Kind Of Important


I’ve let many assignments slip my mind due to not writing them in my planner. Using a digital one isn’t a bad idea either. Most schools have a “calendar” option on the program they use. I personally prefer to write it out. I feel that I remember it better after, and hey, what’s better than drinking your coffee in the morning while checking your planner? It’s like the 1950’s or something.




2. Do Your Best To Learn In Your Classes


Try to actually take in the information instead of cramming just for tests. I know, I know. Your generals classes are kind of the worst, but I promise that the more you know on photosynthesis, the happier you’ll be. There’s a reason they require you to take these classes. Make yourself a genius. Be the one at the party that can chat for hours with anyone about anything. You never know what information will be useful to you.



3. Create Your Own Routine


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I have my first class at 10:00 AM. On Tuesdays and Thursday, my first is at 8:30 AM. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the hardest days for me. My sleeping schedule has gone completely whack because I am not waking up at the same time every morning. Make yourself a routine (in which you can break at times, of course). It can regard your sleep schedule, what times you eat, when you go on your walk, when you work on homework, when you go to bed, etc. That way, things don’t get too stressful. PS. You can usually throw in a nice nap when you’re organized.




4. Try To Communicate With the People Around You


You truly never know who could be beneficial to you. The last person you ever suspected to like The Smiths as much as you do does! Take advantage of group projects and exchange numbers whenever necessary. I have also learned from graphic designer Talin Wadsworth that at the end of it all, once you start really getting your life going in a career, your colleagues are going to be the ones that spread your name in the workplace or even call you up when needed some assistance and vice versa. You never know when your old best friend majoring in visual arts may come in handy with your future career.



At the end of the day, education is so worth it. It’s most definitely not for all people. Some people live a completely fulfilling and beautiful life without a college education, but if it is for you, taking advantage of it is highly worthwhile. You will never regret the environment and excitement of the youth around you. Getting involved in clubs, taking part in the campus clean-up day, or even attending the Halloweentown movie night will make your experience all the better. Yes, the deadlines are quite the sweat, but if you make your escapade liveable, you’ll miss these years more than any others.



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January 17, 2019

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