La Bouquet

November 2, 2016



Two dudes, guitar riffs reminiscent of the 80’s, reverberating vocals, lyrics fueled by exhaustion with love, and roses upon roses.  That about sums up the music video by La Bouquet for their first single “Loveless”.


La Bouqet is a duo formed by Bryan Sammis and Jake Lopez.  Bryan made a name for himself as the drummer for The Neighbourhood before leaving in January 2014 to release work under the pseudonym Olivver The Kid.  It was as Olivver The Kid that I first discovered the talent of Bryan and when he seemed to really find himself and release work that exemplified himself.  When he left The Neighbourhood  in 2014 Bryan tweeted “A constant reminder to do what makes you happy and never take a moment for granted.  Life is short & life is beautiful. Let love take over.  Bryan definitely let love take over during his time as Olivver The Kid, releasing haunting work that connected with many.  His passion for his art was evident and his dedication was undeniable.  When I saw him perform in LA this last summer he spent the show hobbling around on a twisted ankle, still singing his heart out.  His dedication to his fans and dedication to himself was written on his face and evidenced by his limp.



He seemed to follow his own advice though on October 07, when Olivver released his final song “Pink Tires. Smile Lines”.  He announced through a blog post on tumblr that “it’s finally time that we put Olliver to

rest.  maybe forever.  maybe for a long time.  maybe a short time.  but it’s time to give something else a chance.  as much as I love writing, i also love collaborating with others.  i think there is a balance to be found in life with spending time alone & being social, something i struggle to find the right mix of.”




It’s there that the birth of La Bouquet came to be.  In the same blog post, Bryan also described how upon leaving The Neighbourhood he “became depressed & suicidal” and reached out to his best friend Jake in order to write and play.  Olivver described how the two have been together ever since as true musical brothers.  It’s just now; however, that the two officially partner as La Bouquet.



The lead single can be found both on YouTube and Soundcloud and will be available this Friday on all other platforms.  The work is a continuation of the feelings and ideas expressed by Bryan up until this point, and it is great to see him happy and proud with his work.  It’s something new and fresh with a tinge of antiquity. It’s evident that the two put their souls into their work, and I, for one, cannot wait to hear what other work the duo will produce in the near future.  Until          then, I’ll listen “still drunk on wine in 45’s”




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January 17, 2019

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