A Letter to Hillary Clinton

November 15, 2016


Dear Hillary Clinton,


On Tuesday night, I was amidst a group of heartbroken Democrats. I am a high school senior and intern for Henry Stern, now the State Senator of California's Senate District 27. Our campaign had a private election party to celebrate, yet we left shaken and afraid.


Although I am disappointed by the outcome, I am enormously proud of all the hard work you put into your fight. As I watched your concession speech, I had tears in my eyes from knowing that such a strong, dynamic woman has dedicated her life to our future. Thank you. Thank you for selflessly serving our country and for keeping your light alive in the face of failure. Thank you for reminding me that I am worth my dreams. Thank you for igniting this fire in my belly. Thank you for being my champion.


I hear the public's criticisms, that you're not authentic enough, not courageous enough, not honest enough, but I want you to know that I appreciate everything you have done. I see your strength and compassion. You have inspired a revolution in so many of us, a drive to push for the change this country needs.


On Wednesday morning, I imagined what you must've been like at my age. An unruly but undeniably strong young woman, whose ideas must've seemed larger than reality. Yet here you are now, fighting for women, the LGBT+, people with disabilities.


I feel your message when men scoff at my words, as if my opinions are background noise. I feel your message when I look at how women are depicted in the media and wonder whether that is how I will always be seen. I feel your message when my mother talks about her abusive ex-husband. I feel your message when my classmates tell me that I am too passionate, too strong in my convictions. I feel your message in every waking moment, in every voter call I made in support of Democratic party, in every person I told about your vigor.


You make me so proud to be an opinionated woman, someone who refuses to be dwarfed in history. I look at you and I see a wonderfully complex, tenacious lighthouse for world-changers. You have guided us in darkness, when all we wanted to do was give up, and you shine regardless of this election outcome.


Hillary Clinton, thank you for endlessly inspiring all of us. Your resilience and energy do not go unnoticed. You have taught me how to fight with love and potency. Now that I have started, I won't be stopping anytime soon.




Disclaimer: I did in fact mail Hillary Clinton a handwritten letter, and this is what I wrote. I understand that she is a flawed candidate. I don’t agree with everything she’s done, but she undeniably deserves the presidency.


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January 17, 2019

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