A Personal Chat: Being Raised by a Single Father

November 15, 2016


Clearly, how you are raised shapes who you end up becoming. Some are less fortunate than

others when it comes to their childhood. I would say I grew up pretty privileged.

My parents got a divorce when I was about two years old. It never truly bothered me because I

was too young to really notice much of a change. From there, I was back and forth between my

parents for a little while until my father got full custody.


I have learned a large quantity of lessons from my father. He’s lived a rather venturesome life.

Like most 39 year olds, he has a lot to share. He has real stories to tell. He’s the wisest of the

wise, my devil’s advocate, and go-to therapist.

Being raised by a single father has changed my life for the better.. My father was the classic 90’s character. He wrote for underground newspapers and got in trouble for dancing in the school parking lot and dedicated his life to discovering and even creating his own music. He was your local long-haired hippie grunge cool guy.


Being raised by a single father, I learned that girls don’t just jump rope and braid each other’s

hair. I learned that I can be just as good at playing basketball as my friend Parker. I was taught

that it was okay to be the only female percussionist. I was taught that female rights are human



Being raised by a single father, I learned that what I thought was heartbreak at thirteen years old was just another valuable lesson. I learned that no dream is not worth it; that those dreams will change, but they’re still worth chasing after.


Being raised by a single father, I learned that at the end of the day, music is the only thing that

won’t stop listening to me. I learned to find solidarity within myself rather than relying so

heavily on the people around me. I learned from him that a large amount of the people I have, I won’t later on. I learned to take advantage of the things I treasure now as opposed to wishing I would have once I lost them.


Being raised by a single father has taught me that being a female doesn’t limit me to anything. I can accomplish anything I work for, even if we’re a low-budget family. I was taught to discover

the world; to love all kind of music genres, educate myself in the film world, take advantage of

my education, travel when possible, become an activist, and fight for what I believe is important.


I am who I am because of him, so shout out to you, Brodie Francis. You are my inspiration.

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January 17, 2019

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