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November 30, 2016


One of the things I have consistently failed at over the course of the last twenty-one years is letting my parents know how much I appreciate them. Granted, they are the two people who I probably relate the least with and who annoy me more than anything, but the fact is they are also the only people in my life who have been there to support me no matter what.  For that, I owe them everything.


My mom is so nosey and cares so much about every little thing I do.  As someone who has a personal bubble with a mile-long radius, I don’t handle her questioning well at all.  If I wanted a clingy girlfriend I’d have one- I don’t need my mom to take that spot.  With that being said, at least I know she cares about me as much as humanly possible.  If I’m ever facing a troubling situation I know my mom will always be someone I can turn to.  That’s irreplaceable.


My dad, on the other hand, is distant as hell when it comes to personal issues.  As someone who grew up without a dad, I think he’s always been confused on how to interact with his sons, but he does his absolute best by taking note of every little thing I ever express interest in.  When I was fifteen and just started listening to Jack White, my dad was sure to buy front row tickets as soon as he found out he was playing a show in Los Angeles.  When I started playing guitar, my dad got me a red Montgomery Airline- just like Jack White’s.  He’s a giver.  As a high school dropout, he’s always valued his sons gaining an education.  For this reason, even through financial difficulties, he’s already sent both my older brothers through college and I’m currently finishing up my degree thanks to him.  He’s bought my grandma two Priuses over the last five years, after she wrecked the last one.  He does absolutely everything he can for everybody.  It’s his way of showing love.


The goodness of my parents makes it so hard for me to hear that life’s not going perfectly for them.  They both have multiple issues going on in their lives which are taking a toll on them.  It hurts to watch because they’ve given me nothing but the best and they deserve the same.  


God knows raising me couldn’t have been easy on them, and the amount I’ve reciprocated their love for me is minimal compared to what they deserve.  That thought is killing me today and something I am dying to change.  My parents will never read this.  I’ll be letting them know in person.  The point is, don’t take the goodness of your parents for granted, no matter what the circumstances.  It will eat you up and they deserve better.


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January 17, 2019

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