Writing Therapy

December 9, 2016



“The thing about writing is

I can’t tell it it’s healing

Or destroying me”


The endless nights of writing as my therapy also haunts me.  Writing since I can remember has always been there. After my hardest days or days I didn’t want to speak writing is there. The thing I love about writing is you aren’t judged. The pen and  paper won’t decide it doesn’t want to be your instrument anymore.  I can write   endlessly  about my thoughts and emotions.  I’ve always been one of those  people who never says enough in person.


I can still remember all the letters I wrote to guys who at the moment meant the world to me .  I stil down and jot down every single memory that came to mind. I felt writing letters let me express myself the best way possible. I come to realize that  the letters I wrote to guys weren’t going to be send .  I can freely express  all the hidden madness, anger or even sadness  that I kept pent up.  Writing these letters let me be myself, but also let me relive all the memories that I  wish never existed. Of course when it came to writing these letters,  I wished them the  best of luck for the most part because I try and not  hide behind  resentment in my heart.


As I am writing this article it’s two in the morning, and these are the type of nights I stay up doing my late night thinking.   When I first read this quote from Rupi Kaur it instantly made sense to me. This poet  put into words what I’ve been wanting to say. I still can’t determine if my own personal writing and stories are archives to look back on or proof that I’m maturing as human being.  Each time I write an article about a personal experience I hope the reader can relate to it.  I love writing so much because the freedom of expression and the impact it can make in the life of the reader.  Yes, I understand for me it can be difficult to open up an old wound or even close one, but if one person can heal through my writing that means the world to me.


Writing is powerful and the impact it is tremendous. That is why I admire any person willing to open their heart. I appreciate people who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. It’s scary to put your feelings on the line, and let people into your personal thoughts. The feedback gives you encouragement to know that you aren’t the only struggling.  I can’t sit here and say writing is going to cure to me from my own personal demons.  Each time I write an article or a letter all the memories will come back flowing to me. I’ve come to accept my process of writing. One thing for sure it the fear of the past will not stop me from writing.  



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January 17, 2019

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