Exceptional Women: Patti Smith

December 10, 2016

I feel very strongly about influential female icons and believe that everyone should be educated on a few. A perfect example is the one, the only, Patti Smith.


Patti Smith has made a deep significance of herself. Smith is a singer/songwriter and poet. She is an “influential component of the New York City punk rock movement”, as Google tells us. You could say she’s a pretty big deal. Her most popular song, being Because the Night, has hit the hearts of many in both emotional and instrumental ways.




Smith, now being of age 69, began her career 1971 and is still creating and producing her art to this day. She’s very well known for her punk influence and has quite the talent. It’s not just party tricks she’s pulling out of her pocket. Smith is a vocalist, guitarist, and clarinettist. She has had a real passion for the art of words and sound and decided she could make just as much of an impact as any men in the industry.


The 1970’s played a large role in revolution and modification in societal norms. Smith encouraged the revolution of music. Her influences, being Arthur Rimbaud, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Sam Wagstaff, and William Blake, helped her create a new sound with a hint of all the classics of the era with metrical female vocals.

Along with changing the norms of the musical industry, Patti Smith fought to change to world. She added her own flare to social transformation and made her voice heard through her poetry and lyrics. She talked about protest and freedom. Smith was a passionate being looking who believed in change. She created a world of her own and took advantage of the talents and following she had to make that world become reality.


Patti Smith is an important paragon in honor of humanity. She didn’t care much about fame and popularity, but used it for the better. Many have had personal connections to Smith’s music which caused a powerful movement. She morphed punk and revolution and finished with a masterpiece. It’s important to find inspiration in rebellious, yet stimulative figures. Patti Smith recognized conflict and hatred and used her own technique to make a change. Let’s do the same.



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