She Was The Girl That You Needed, But Not The One You Wanted

December 12, 2016

Photo by Kate Opre for Issue 19 - Cherry Bomb 


She was madness, a beautiful chaos. She's someone you couldn't mess with. She's complicated and confusing but she always knew what she wanted. She's the girl whose opinions were never hidden, whose emotions were laid out on the table. She's unpredictable, the girl with no filter. 


She's loyal. Dedicated. The girl who hands out her heart looking for nothing in return. The girl who spends time finding ways to make you happy when she isn't herself. The girl who gives and gives until she has nothing left. She's compassionate. She's the girl with a sensitive soul, who loves hard. She feels everything so deeply, but wears her deep feelings with pride.


She’s expressive. She appreciates the little things. She won’t let a day go by without letting you know how much you mean to her. She’s the girl who screams excitedly and cries passionately. The girl who is not afraid to share her mind with you.


She's hardworking. Determined. She doesn't give herself a break. She keeps going even when she knows that she’s 10 seconds away from a breakdown. She's the girl who will invest in you. She won't give up on you. She's the girl who will always be there to catch you even when there's no one there to catch her. 


She's the girl who would light up a room. The girl who made everyone feel comfortable because she knew how it felt to be the outcast. The girl who would smile at everyone who came her way. The girl who would help with no hesitation. The girl whose eyes would make you feel special. She's the girl who makes you feel like everything is going to be okay.  


She's crazy. Adventurous. She's surprising in the best way. She's the girl you want to be stuck in traffic with. The girl you want to go on a 5am sunrise chase with. The girl you want to laugh with until your stomach feels like it's collapsing. The girl who chuckles at your jokes not because they are funny but because she adores you. The girl you want to go on a coffee date with even when you don’t prefer that bitter taste.


She's shy. She looks down when you compliment her. She'll turn away if she catches you looking at her. She'll blush when your skin touches hers. But she’s bold. She’s the girl who will tell you like it is. She’ll ground you and make you the person you wished to be.


She was the girl that you needed, but not the one that you wanted. 


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January 17, 2019

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