The Importance of Friends in your Coming-of-Age

December 19, 2016

Photo by Kate Opre



When thinking about all of the decisions I’ve made over the past three years in college, my mind often leads back to my close group of friends. They have been there for the “I want to change my major” freak-out, the “college is so hard” freak-out, and the “I’m finally finding my way” realization and happy days of reflection. My friends and I talk about this all of the time; how we are so close and so thankful to be so close, since it makes this tough transitional period in our lives just a little bit easier.


I don’t mean to make college sound like a time of constant, extreme difficulty and life-changing decision making, but sometimes, it is. In between all of the fun, meeting new people, and experiencing different career paths and studies, there are a lot of important choices to be made. Each time a student chooses a class, goes to an interview, or fails a final, they are making choices that will ultimately affect their futures. Having a support system, a backbone besides your own, is pivotal at this time.


While parents, grandparents and siblings provide the comfort that only blood-strengthened family can, their advice can often be biased, as your decisions will ultimately affect them as well. Having the ability to reach out to a solid friend or group of friends when you are confused and unsure is not only comforting, but helpful in that they will often give you unbiased and experience-driven advice.


Many decisions you will have to make on your own, since in your heart and in your gut, you will usually know what is the right choice. Yet, there are some choices and things you will be presented with that could use a second or third opinion. Finding a group of friends or a person whom you can count on to help aid you in making decisions, and making sure you provide the same for them as well, is something that will change your life as a college student, and well into your adult years.


Seek out people who will make you laugh, will listen first without jumping in, are always willing to help you in times of need, and have hearts of gold. If I could recommend one thing to help your coming-of-age run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible, it would be this.


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