Don't Remember the Ending

December 30, 2016

Photography by Taylor Schroeder


I hope this is not the end. But if it is, this is how I want you to remember us:


Remember us being overly excited to tell each other our good news as soon as we found out about it. Remember us opening up to each other more than we would to anyone else, no matter how dark it was. Remember us wanting to know all of the little details about each other, no matter how weird and quirky it got. Remember us talking till 3am every night, not caring how early we had to get up the next day. Remember us being eager to show each other new music we found, that we tested out on our random car rides together. Remember us not being embarrassed to belt the lyrics to our favorite songs, no matter how off key we were. Remember us sitting on the couch, contemplating getting matching tattoos one day. Remember us getting so lost in our conversations that you wouldn't leave my house until 5 in the morning. Remember the way I was too stubborn to talk to you when you knew something was bothering me. Remember how it felt like we didn't talk for weeks when it had only been two days. Remember the time you would rescue me from my stress and calm me down with your presence. Remember how I wanted to stay mad at you but I couldn't because just looking at your face made me smile. Remember us butting heads all the time and arguing over the littlest things because we actually cared. Remember our inside jokes that made other people feel uncomfortable but made us feel closer. Remember the time I broke down in front of you, showing you all of my weaknesses but you reminded me of my strengths. Remember us being there for one another when we needed it most. Remember how it drove us nuts not being able to talk each other. Remember us being so genuinely excited for one another when something crazy good happened. Remember us being so deeply inspired and moved by the same people and things. Remember us smiling with our eyes when we talked about things we were passionate about. Remember how we met and all of our firsts. Remember all the plans, dreams, and adventures we both talked about. 


Remember us supporting each other.

Remember us loving each other.

Remember us caring for each other.

And most importantly, remember us happy. 

Just don't remember the ending.

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January 17, 2019

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