Letter to the Late Night City

January 8, 2017

Photo of Lilly Glennon by Brindy Francis 


Dear City,


I love you especially at night. Don’t take this the wrong way. I just feel buoyant with you in the late hours. Feeling free with you comes naturally, especially on top of the roof. I never understood why the lights flickered from afar, but I found beauty in the unknown because you made me do so.


I like driving aimlessly around with you. I feel even more attached to you when there isn’t much to think about. I thrive for the feeling of elasticity and alternation. With you, I drift from thought to thought and place to place rather than being fixated with one meaningless theory or impression. I feel weightless.


I don’t wonder about the future and I don’t dwindle on the past. With you, nocturnal city, I flourish in this moment. Even when foolish chatter plays on repeat across the street and cars race from building to building, I feel still with you. I feel silence and serenity. Each breeze, each smell, each voice seems motionless, yet disorderly.


You’ve been around longer than any of us. You’ve seen dreams come true. You’ve seen dreams crushed. You’ve seen horrors and stirring affairs. You have character. You radiate character. You don’t define yourself in a single adjective, nor do you define the characters within you. You find love through stories and occurrences. You live for the trauma, the endings, and the beginnings. You, my friend, are the reason behind every hello and every goodbye. You bring unity to such a complex classification.


I wish it was easy to grasp what you’re all about. When one thinks about you, their immediate thought is freedom. You resemble spontaneity and impulse. With you, attention is directed to the spur of the moment. Because of you, human connection occurs promptly. And with you, connection flows comfortably.


I’m sorry I’m rambling so much, good city. I just feel so homely with you. In fact, you are my home. You are what makes the real world feel like the movies. You write the tales for us and we live them. Oh, how I love you, nocturnal city.


You are the end and the beginning.


Yours truly.

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January 17, 2019

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