Make 2017 the Year of Creativity

January 7, 2017

Photo by Leah Turney 


As a new year rolls around, that means a fresh start. Some want to exercise more and some want to drink less. The goal is to go out there and accomplish what you set out to do. Here is a list of activities that will expand your creativity as a person and you may also end up falling in love.


1. Photography


There’s beauty all around this world. Photography helps you capture that beauty. A  DSLR camera is an expensive investment, but worth it.  Even if you can’t afford a DSLR, you have access to a camera on your phone. Community centers offer classes on photography and online classes are also available to learn the basics.


2. Wine tasting


It has been said that wine is an acquired taste. It can be intimidating at first but it takes time to discover the different types of flavors of wines. Once you get the hang of it you are hooked. It’s always an adventure tasting a new wine and determining if you like it or not.


Photo by @jennyteo via Twenty20


3. Start a blog


A blog can help you relieve stress. It’s a daily journal of your daily stories or struggles that you can share with a personal audience. A blog can be about a specific topic and you can teach people about your passions or it can be about random subjects. The purpose is to express yourself and writing your thoughts down.


4. Stargazing


The stars and the sky are a mysterious place, but a beautiful one to say the least. Grab a blanket and gaze at the stars all night. There are billions of stars besides the Big Dipper that you should take a look at. Use a telescope and see what the stars have to offer. You can also buy a star and name it after someone special.


Photo by @daphneemarie via Twenty20 


5. Learn to DJ 


You have attended a party where the hired DJ is not playing the jams, and kills the party environment. A personal go-to playlist is recommended, but learning the basics of being a DJ can help you out in this situation. It’s fun to be able master a new skill and can be put to practice anytime you go to a party. Even if you aren’t going to a party, learning to DJ and mix songs is pretty sweet.


6. Discover new hiking trails


At times exercising is not on our list of fun activities, but being with nature changes that perspective. Go and search for popular trails in your own city. Even in the process you will discover your own secret trails.


Photo by @photo.awareness via Twenty20 


7. Attend concerts with genres you aren't familiar with


You have your favorite artist that you see when they come to town. Going to a concert where you don’t know the genre opens up your music palate, and lets you appreciate the music of an artist. It also gives you an opportunity to meet new people.

8. Painting


You don’t have to be Picasso to pick up a brush and paint. Painting is a way to express yourself, and a great group activity. You are the artist and can create with a simple paint brush.


Photo by Nicole Mason 


9. Traveling


Traveling doesn’t require buying an airplane ticket to a different state or country. Traveling means to discover new places you’ve never seen. Start off by going to places in your own city. Traveling gives you an appreciation of different cultures and an opportunity to sightsee.


10. Converse with a new person


I understand it can be scary to talk to a stranger. It’s easier meeting people at work or through friends, but I challenge you to say hello to someone at the park or in the mall. You learn a new story and someone learns your own.


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