Social Media and the Art of Connection

January 16, 2017

Photo by Kate Opre


If you are reading this article, you are on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and were most likely prompted to click onto by a tweet, Instagram post, or other social media platform. Our world revolves around social media, whether it be exposure of the 2016 presidential election, finding new artists and creators to get inspiration from, or connecting with friends and colleagues from around the world. It paves the way for connection across borders and oceans, and allows us to reach people and countries which we have never been able to reach on such a personal level before.


While some of us only use Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube to connect with people we may already know in “real-life,” the creative side of all these platforms has shone through over the past year. I have watched photographers connect with new friends who share the same talent through Instagram. I’ve seen friends being made and trips being planned on vlogs on YouTube and in conversations on Twitter. I have been able to talk to and get to know some of my favorite content creators through direct messaging or simply by leaving a comment on a post.


We are in the new age of connection; it has never been easier, faster, or simpler to make friends, professionally network, and create bonds over shared passions.


Artists coming together and bouncing ideas off of each other is an age-old tradition, but social media is allowing them to do it almost instantaneously. Ideas and creative concepts are being spread at the speed of light to artists in big cities and remote areas alike. Fashion trends are popping up on everyone’s feeds and are no longer limited to those who live in Paris, Milan, or New York City. Filmmakers are putting out short films in the middle of the night using Starbucks WiFi in places that look a bit different than Hollywood and cost next to nothing to make.


We are living in a time of shared inspiration, instantaneous connection, and insane creativity. Get online and find someone who makes you want to do better and be better come tomorrow. They are out there. If you can’t find someone who inspires you, inspire yourself and inspire others. Create content that you know someone out in the world will love and post it to any app you can get your hands on. It’s too easy not to.


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January 17, 2019

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