The Art of Willpower

January 27, 2017

Photo by Kira Krause featuring Kaity Hensel 



control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.


What distinguishes a person with strong will from a person with weak willpower? This is a question the adolescent mind finds asking itself throughout the journey of self-discovery. Strong will is admirable and surprisingly self-denying, while weak willpower is emotionally driven and self-induced. The gray area in-between, I define as the art of willpower – practically a living, breathing invitation for new chances in life.


When one road diverges into the choice between yes and no, it’s important to know what one’s personal end goal is and how to achieve it. Take two average people in any given scenario where they must decide between right and wrong; yes or no. The person with weak willpower would likely think of short-term outcomes and lack the ability to make the right choices. They make decisions influenced by their fluctuating emotions. On the contrary, the person with strong willpower will initiate an alternative. Something better. They possess discipline in their ability to make wise choices, rather than getting entrapped by petty emotions. With strong willpower, we can dust off those books of goals we’ve had in mind and can accomplish them. When given the choice, a strong, disciplined will always wins.


As for myself, there will always be a natural tendency toward pleasing people, but striving to find the right people to allow influence upon your decisions and willpower - now that’s the challenge. A weak willed soul will merge with the wrong kinds of people. This can result in sacrificing the significance and power of your own will. Unsubscribe those people that will take your convictions, opinions and passions and throw them out the window to get hit by a bus. Immerse and surround yourself with humans who take care of you and respect what you stand firm on. After all, the people closest to you can influence your decisions the most, so make sure your friends are the ones you want to stick by you in the long run. The right kind of influences may be an acquired taste but ever so worth it in the end. Confidence and balance in relationships have been a goal of mine to accomplish strong willpower, and I can potently say that it’s been my bravest, warmest idea yet.


What a delightfully refreshing conclusion to draw: that your own little life yet vast future is suspended by the strength of your willpower. You have the ability to set your mind to anything you do. It’s completely yours and should not be tuned to someone else’s opinion. You have something that can craft an art of its own -- and I don’t think art has ever looked better on you.

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January 17, 2019

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