Music: Rewind and Fast Forward

February 7, 2017

Photo by Dillon Ivory featuring Ashley Ballard 


2017 already looks like a bookmark in history for music. Local artists and bands are starting to grow and the music industry is taking a leap. With platforms such as Soundcloud and YouTube, it’s becoming so much easier to create your own content and have people hear your sound.


Some state that this generation has been a pit for music due to what’s playing on the Top 40. It’s

not the Beatles anymore, I’ll tell you that. Although many find Top 40 music substantial and catchy, it does seem like a good amount of content that we millennials are attracted to is less

known. Luckily, with the technology we are so privileged to be given, we can find something we

like in just a click.


I’d say an advantage of music in the current generation is the long list of genres and sounds. You

will rarely ever run into a being who doesn’t like music. Music is something that would be almost impossible to live without. We thrive off of music in the waking of every emotion, event and occurrence.


The year of 2017, while possibly off to a rough start, already has things looking up in the music

world. We’ve got albums from The Flaming Lips, The xx, Foxygen, Cherry Glazerr, and all

sorts of bands, colossal or limited. Whilst every year has had great releases, the amount so far is

extravagant. We are on month two out of 12, and new, original music is pouring in.


In the blink of an eye, music has become something so imperative to human culture. We have the option to create something new and listen instantly to anything from any era or genre. This year, I see a leap in the use of Soundcloud. Podcasts, playlists and musical content are starting to be curated by many through the use of the app/website. Although it seems difficult to create original content due to the mass of music published, we still have so much room for more.


In my opinion, this year is and will be one of the greatest years for music. We are able to access

and create anything we please and the music community is so large. Music was significant in the

‘70s because the music was sacred and special. It was a time I’m sure we all wish we could have

been a part of, but think about how far we have come. From vinyl to CDs to cassettes to MP3 to

smart phones, music technology is at a peak. We still have the ability to listen to music on any

platform. Music is an essential to human existence. It’s a part of our culture.

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January 17, 2019

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