Self-Entitlement is Not Owed

February 19, 2017

Photo by Aidan Doyle featuring Catherine Reeves and Keiven Anderson for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 21


Thinking the world owes you anything is a state of mind to stay away from. Millennials are associated with self-entitlement, and that shouldn’t be the case. Being raised in this generation where we are often told to be unique and different, and thinking that is a pass to be on cruise control, instead of showing the world why we are different and working towards those goals. My biggest pet peeve is when a person thinks they are entitled. I don’t care where you work, who your parents are, or even who you think you are; I don’t owe you anything just because of your social status in this world.


In the dating scene, self-entitlement plays a big role. When you hear a guy or girl complain when they get denied. I understand getting rejected can destroy your confidence, but thinking that because you asked someone on a date, they owe your ego a boost. The worst of them all is the “I’m a nice person” reason. You can be the kindest soul in the world, but that person doesn’t owe you just because you’re nice. I use to date this guy, and things didn’t work out, but we decided to be friends. At some point I made it clear I wanted to keep it that way. One day I got a message from this person, and he decided to ask me on a date. In the most polite and honest way, I declined his offer. The response I got back surprised me. I got hit with, “that’s a low blow”. Going back to getting rejected hurts, but I have the right to decline any offer and not feel I owe you a date because we dated in the past. I don’t owe him a "yes" either just because we are friends.


Self-entitlement can be seen on a daily basis. When you go to the store and the lines are long, or when you go to a restaurant. There’s that one impatient person who believes their time is more important than anyone else’s. They want to blame the workers for being late to work or their movie. These types of people don’t take responsibility for their actions. It can be said that entitlement stems from narcissistic and selfish attitudes.

My parents traveled from Mexico to the United States as immigrants with my two older siblings. My mom and dad did not own a house or have jobs lined up when they got here to the States. Both of them with their strong work ethic and resilience made it work. No one gave them anything here, but they earned and deserved everything they worked for. People here did not feel pity or remorse for the fact that they came from a different country. I feel as if millennials don’t value work ethic as much as past generations. My family has instilled in me the value of hard work, and to reach my goals. To not expect the world to give me something that deserves to be earned.  

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January 17, 2019

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