17 Years: A Manifestation

February 21, 2017


So, I guess I’ve been alive for 17 years. That feels like a good amount of time, but also makes me feel strange considering this body has only been lived in for such little time. Bodies are interesting. We mold like fruit in a sense, but in a slower motion.


I was born on February 14th: a day people practice and worship the idea of a devotion to another being. “You were the greatest Valentine's gift, Brindy.”


I remember being young and glorifying any type of teenager. I would listen to “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift and dream of my teenage years to come. I looked at teenagers as the wise life forms. I found them intriguing and beautiful. I loved the thought of dates and football games and staying up past eight o’clock.


It is engaging to see myself become something that I didn’t picture. I’ve embodied a certain person I never truly understood. I believed I would be a cheerleader and singer. I thought I would follow in my cousin’s footsteps, but rather, I followed in my father’s. I became someone who found a love for powerful music, film and politics, rather than praising top 40 music and carnival dates.


Most find themselves discovering a life they didn’t imagine when younger. Not everyone in high school lives for these years and involves themselves in school spirit and football players like they would in Disney channel original movies. In fact, we usually end up being the exact opposite from what we hope to be and still find happiness in it. The teenage years are a pivotal scene to discovery.


Before these years, we’re not quite sure of what we like other than junk food and playgrounds. Our mothers dress us up with their own tastes and we listen and watch whatever our classmates around us are watching. These are the years we develop into who we are in real life. This is why who you surround yourself with is so important.


I guess being a teenager is kind of one of the most important things in life. So, I’m working on myself, which is something everyone should do. I’m working on becoming and being my own authentic self and surrounding myself with people who express their individuality. Each year is another step towards understanding and wisdom. It’s less about what type of person I will be in the future and more about the process in getting there. 17 years. Check.


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January 17, 2019

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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