A Playlist of Songs I Wish Were Written for Me

March 3, 2017

Photo by Aidan Doyle featuring Catherine Reeves for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 21 


This dear playlist is a compilation of songs that one can only dream for someone to write in their dedication. A carefully curated excuse to play all the sappy 90s hits and ‘stripped-down acoustic sessions’ that are more than necessary to emphasis the authenticity I’ve always known and loved.


1. Your Song by Elton John


Kicking off with an absolute classic. This is the song you’d probably slow dance with your husband in your kitchen to.


2. Crash into Me by Dave Matthews Band


There are so many layers that make this song great; a Russian doll of hooks and sweet lyrics.


3. She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel


Again with the classics.


4. First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes


Definitely Bright Eye’s most popular song. Lyrically, the song is built upon details and is deserving of every play it gets.


5. The Girl by City and Colour


6. Heart Shaped Tattoo by Daniel Champagne


Feel free to focus more on the phenomenal acoustic bits in this song. Partnering with the cleverest of lyrics.


7. If I Tremble by Front Porch Step


You can feel every ounce of emotion in his voice. There is no doubt he loves this girl.


8. Angel by Jack Johnson


I’ve come to this conclusion: no bad word could be sung by Jack Johnson’s angelic mouth.


9. A Fool to Love You by John Mayer


I want some kind of fool in my life after listening to this song.


10. Amazon Woman by Jordan Raycroft


11. Give It To Me by The Maine


It’s about time I add in a 2008 rock song to make you feel like a sexy 17-year-old in her mom's red juicy couture sweatshirt.


12. Visions by The Maine


Drugs, dreams, or actually visions - this girl clearly had some affect on Johnny that is almost admirable and poetically expressed throughout the entire song.


13. Two Of Us by Mike Edel


        Romanticizing the simpler things in life and love.


14. In Those Shoes by Mike Edel


This one is set apart because he is so in love with every part of her, her internal happiness, right down to the shoes and dress.


15. Fallingforyou by The 1975


Dreamy and sexy vocals describe the pure innocence of love in the early stages.


16. Blossom by Noah Gundersen


This is where love gets real and bittersweet. A realization that sometimes you must let someone go in order to let them flourish.


17. Shiver by Gates


18. Commitments by Luke Friend


19. With or Without You by U2


Ending the playlist with debatably the best love song ever written. Listening with windows down in your car on a summer night ride makes it all the better.


Check out this playlist on our Spotify!

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January 17, 2019

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