Timeless Styles for Men

March 22, 2017


Some people really get into fashion and thrive off of finding the coolest clothes on the market, but I’ve found that picking what to wear in the morning is more of a hassle than anything for most guys. I mean, it’s so confusing: 10 years ago puka shells were cool, but now I’m pretty sure if you wear anything Supreme that’s how you know you’re at the top of the fashion game. Trends are exhausting and trying to keep up is a guaranteed headache. But, let’s face it: we are egotistical and like to look good, which means what we wear is important. With that in mind, here are some general style tips that are sure to boost your attractiveness rating by at least 2 points, and are timeless enough to outlast whatever fad comes next.


Converse and Vans

Shoes make the outfit.  Keep it simple and go with a pair of Converse or Vans. They really go with about anything, so it makes your job much easier.


Blue Jeans, White Shirt


If Lana Del Rey uses this line to open a song you know it’s a good idea.  


Band Tees

Band Tees are only cool if they’re a cool band. Just don’t do The Ramones please. We’ve all seen enough.  


Really Anything Black


Wearing black is such an easy way to disguise mediocre looks, trust me. Plus who doesn’t like looking more intimidating than they know they are?


Keep It Solid & Neutral


As a general rule, keep your colors solid and neutral. Sure, stripes and patterns can be cool, but they can just as easily not be. I can’t really tell the difference half the time, so I found that following this rule made life a lot easier for me.


Roll The Sleeves


Roll your sleeves, for real. If it goes past the elbow just roll it. Trust.




Tighter Pants & Looser Shirts


Different folks have different strokes, but I’ve always found that this rule serves me well. It’s comfortable and a decent look for tall dudes like me. Nothing worse than having a shirt that’s so tight it looks like it might rip at any second. No one should be that full of themselves.


Ray Bans  


Yes, everyone’s doing it. Doesn’t make it any less of a good look.


Style will always be a mystery to most of us, but I’ve found by following a few of these rules I’ve been able to fool at least a few people into thinking I know what’s up. Hope it works just as well for you.

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