It Takes Two to Tango

April 14, 2017

Photo by Alivia Latimer @alivialatimer on Instagram


I’ve trailed my thoughts down a single path lately, to let love spin on its silly methodical axis. I’m putting emphasis on the fact that a relationship does not revolve around you. It’s two people deserving of a well-warmed introduction to understanding each other’s eclectic self and to act as the adhesive for how they need to be loved.


Some people speak their heart like a boom box carried on their shoulder and others verbalize softly, but still have much to say. Sometimes people show their emotions like the printing on a name tag, and some hide their emotions like the placement of the letter "p" in "psychology". Everyone is so massively diverse in what they need, what they want, and what expectations they're drunk upon.


Humans are not meant to be held superior to one another. I personally believe there’s a certain authenticity to bend down and hold each other’s hands.


I’m taking a gesture at the ‘Five Love Languages’ concept. It is an online test (not like BuzzFeed or any of that jazz) to categorize and inform someone on how they respond to all sorts of human affection within a relationship. The five entail: Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. For example, some people don’t respond to receiving gifts at all, however, they respond really well to physical touch and a quality conversation. It’s completely reasonable for a couple to have opposing love languages, but it is crucial to acknowledge their needs and wants. These categories do not define someone’s affection, but are practically placed into people’s grooves.


I don’t think there’s anything more confident than two people radiantly in love. Confronting something that used to be quite passive, into a way to resonate with someone you love.


I reject the idea of a person sitting back in their chair with a beer yelling “impress me” to the world. I want to grasp at a perplex desire to want more for someone else than I want for my outspoken and stubborn self - an extension of thought I’ve been sitting on lately.


You know what they say: it takes two to tango, and here’s to spreading a genuine interpretation of so.


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January 17, 2019

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