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April 20, 2017

Photo by Danny Rozenblit featuring Courtney Johnson for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 22 


There’s no better feeling than owning vintage clothing. It’s been lived in and worn in a completely different era. Someone decided to express themselves through that piece of clothing and there’s no other piece like it. It’s all funky, exciting, and colorful. It’s also great knowing there is no unethical business work going on behind closed doors like other high fashion brands do. Here are some online vintage shops to look into (also keep in mind to keep your eye out for cute clothing on Etsy and Depop):




These first two are the obvious ones, but are very important to online vintage shopping. Depop is a place where people sell their used clothes for decently cheap prices. I find myself lost in a Depop world often. There are vintage shops that display their shop on Depop, so it’s easy to browse and find pieces you may like, whether they are used dresses from Zara or actual vintage items, your first step is here.




Etsy has a wider range of items. You can shop for more than clothing: accessories, furniture, books, records, etc. This is mainly a platform for handmade shops, but you still have the option to browse purely for vintage. It’s a cheaper, cuter, vintage, online version of Target.


Honey Vintage


Honey Vintage shop and blog’s LA babe founder Haley Appel selects perfectly made retro pieces and shoots them so beautifully that you’ll want to buy everything.


Waiste Vintage


If you’re one for flowy floral pieces, this is the place for you. Dance graciously at that Little Dragon concert in your loose button down or maxi dress from Waiste Vintage.


Passport Vintage


Passport is for the comfortable, yet stylish pieces. If you’re looking for clothes to wear for a day out, this is the perfect vintage shop.


Giant Vintage


We all know how crucial sunglasses are to a vintage fashion sense. Giant Vintage focuses primarily on vintage, stylish sunglasses. Summer’s coming and there’s nothing you need more than a classy pair of shades.




I’ve followed this account on Instagram for quite some time. The first to comment on the image is sold the item shown and you are immediately sent an invoice. It’s a quick and easy way to shop while also browsing through your Instagram feed.


Flying Apple Vintage


Flying Apple is known for their extremely unique pieces. You can strut the streets knowing your clothing is purely different and chic.

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January 17, 2019

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