Breaking Millennial Stereotypes

April 26, 2017

Photo by Brandon Woelfel 


The word millennial is associated with a negative connotation. Unfortunately, this word makes millennials not want to be part of this discussion, and people proceed to tell them a description of their personality traits: self-centered, entitled, and technology indulged, whether they deserve to be associated to this or not, it can be difficult to break from this mold. Each generation has its faults, but at this moment millennials are at the center of attention. Most times this attention is negative instead of positive. It is time to break away from the millennial stereotypes, and continue to work hard to reaching dreams.

Let me start off with the main stereotype which is that millennials are entitled. How many times have you heard this word and thought to yourself: nothing you own was given to you. Unless you were born into a wealthy family, and your family sent you to an Ivy League school, but let’s be honest here, how many of us are fortunate to be born in this position. Not many people are. The millennials who get a college degree learn the hard way that a degree doesn’t ensure you a job. The world will not give you a trophy just because you graduated college. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Yes, you have a degree but what else do you offer to a company? Keep in mind to always improve your craft. For me personally, I keep writing and working on my editing skills for my portfolio. To not fall into entitlement you must have the mentality of working for what you really want, and know that it won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Technology is a beautiful thing because it allows us to connect to people around the world who have the same interest, but only when technology is used wisely. Millennials use and are focused on posting on social media. I’m 25 and all my friends and co-workers have an account with the most prevalent social media sites. When I meet someone who doesn’t have social media accounts, I’m amazed. Instead of posting every single thing to Snapchat on a night out, focus your attention on the people you are sharing a night with. The truth is no one really cares about the food you’re eating that night. Millennials must learn to live in the moment, and whatever happens will happen. I believe the best memories are the ones you are part of. Millennials need to take advantage of technology to promote their talents, and reach out to people who can be possible mentors in their career field. Unfortunately, future job recruiters will look at your social media and judge you based on the content that is posted. So it’s best to be careful online, but not everything from online is bad. I found Mad Sounds Magazine through Twitter, and I’m fortunate for that.  

The best way to beat these stereotypes is to break the mold. I understand it’s difficult to separate yourself from a generation, but it starts with one person making a change. You start with yourself, and progressing to the future. Let your talents speak for you. Sit down and jot down how you can change the world, and what positive steps to take. Focusing on what’s important in your personal journey. To not let entitlement and social media be a crutch for you, and know these stereotypes don’t define you as a person.

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January 17, 2019

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