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June 27, 2017

Photo by Regan Norton featuring Kyra Nickel for Mad Sounds Magazine Issue 23 


Every day I try my best to use my platforms to either spread positivity, to challenge people's way of thinking, and or to just help people see things from a different perspective. As a creative and writer, I’m always thinking, always coming up with new ideas, and always trying to interpret things in a different light.  


Today I wanted to make a post that sheds light on energy. Energy, whether it is related to space or a person, plays such a crucial part on how I live my day to day. I am so particular about the energy of a space. If I walk into a room and I’m not feeling it, I walk right out. In order for me to perform and be my best I need a space that makes me feel inspired, motivated, and productive. Sometimes the color of a room, the layout of the furniture, or even the lightning can throw me off. Whether it’s time for me to relax or time for me to hustle, I always make sure that the space I will be spending time in exerts the best energy for me. Just like the space, I am also very particular in whose energy I surround myself with. I try my best to surround myself with people who truly want the best for me, who radiate good vibes and positivity, and people who are simply kind. Why would I take my good energy and spend it with people who only want to radiate negativity and bad vibes?


I also make it a priority to check in with myself, to make sure my energy feels good, and to make sure I only want to spread happiness. If I am feeling the opposite, whether it be down, mad, or frustrated, I also make it a priority to make sure I don’t spread that vibe to other people (I instead remove myself from interaction to focus on how I’m feeling) or I don’t perform any tasks until I know I can perform my best.


What I don’t get about some people is how they can be so content with spending seconds of their lives upset or mad for absolutely no reason when they can be enjoying those seconds that they won’t be getting back instead. Doing that is not going to get you anywhere. Be productive with your emotions. Learn how to bounce back. No one wants to be around that kind of negative energy.


Use your energy to be appreciative of the people around you. To be thankful for what you have even if you are always wanting more. Use your energy to be present in the moment with your loved ones, and to be grateful for all you are given. Radiate positivity, and good energy will find you. When you start using your energy for good you will find your outlook and attitude improving, which leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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January 17, 2019

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