Fashionspiration for the Worn-Out Consumer

August 31, 2017

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Fashion, for some, is like medicine. It supports their well-being and keeps them going through times when they’re feeling not-so-hot. Also, it can be addictive in some cases. It’s crazy to stop and think of all the eight billion people in the world and how every single person is devoted to some style, specialized to their person. Fashion and style are ever changing, and it is one industry that will never cease to exist, with ideas flooding in from every angle: television, music, books, nature, culture, and more.


I am a fashion fanatic. I love picking up the newest edition of Lou Lou or Vogue to take a peek at what’s going to be hot in the next few months, but sometimes, these sources aren’t enough. So, here are some sources I reach out to when in need of a different, unusual fashion perspective, and to see where others are in the game.


The Bookstore

Yes, the bookstore is an extremely valuable source when checking up on fashion and its diversity. I’ve found a number of paperback inspirations such as Women in this Town by Giuseppe Santamaria, which showcases multiple women from the world’s top fashion cities such as New York and Milan. You’ll see pictures of women of different cultures sporting dresses with sneakers and ankle socks, overalls with blouses, and cropped, vibrant hair. On the other end of the spectrum, the book Vintage Fashion (various authors), lends a page to the trends of yesterday and inspires fashionistas of today to mix modern trends with things like vintage furs, trapeze coats, and sharp cat eye glasses. Another bonus to scouting the bookstore is observing the people there. The styles worn to shop for books seem to correlate with the type of books they purchase, so checking out the people there doesn’t hurt for inspiration.


The City

Any city probably has the highest concentration of fashion gurus and those looking for inspiration. Street style has been popularized for the past few years, especially because it defies the norms of typical fashion personalities. Street style includes anything and everything; I’ve seen skirts worn over jeans, scarves meticulously tied into shirts, and worker boots paired with frilly dresses. In the city, there are no structured lines between styles — only experimentation.



If you give nature a chance, nature will give you a chance. When the leaves change in the fall, I take note from the spectrum of oranges, reds, and yellows, to create the perfect color palette to transfer onto my style. The same guidelines cater to the rest of the seasons, and nature provides free fashion advice, from color pairings to layering to patterns. No matter what the seaso.n, the environment never ceases to inspire.


Online Stores (especially vintage)

There are so many more options for fashion on the Internet than a retail store could ever hold. One of my favorite online stores, ASOS, has endless pieces that dress you from your head to your toes. I love the quirkiness of the items that can be found there with a little digging, like funky socks or a super adorable rain poncho. An extra bonus is that ASOS has a sister site, Marketplace, where you can delve further into the depths of creative clothing and has lots of vintage and handmade items. I would suggest that to find your personal style online, research vintage stores and look up local small businesses that create unique merchandise. Take a look at these sites for more inspiration: Make, The Vintage Twin, Tuesday Bassen, Rosehound Apparel.

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