YouTube Takeover: 5 Content Creators Making Their Mark

October 10, 2017

YouTube began as a video sharing website, reserved for puppy videos and eyeshadow reviews. Yet, over the past few years, it has grown to house some of the most talented content creators and short-film makers around today. While cute puppy videos and makeup tutorials still have a place on YouTube, the platform has become a way for talented, creative individuals to share their message with giant audiences at the click of a button.


When this became the norm, male content creators and filmmakers dominated - Casey Neistat, PewDiePie, ShayCarl - but recently, there’s been a shift. That shift is the abundance of female YouTubers creating content that reaches girls who lack in role models or “big sister” figures to go to for advice and guidance.


From simple question and answer videos that tackle topics like sex, school, and friendship, to short films about home, travel, and what it’s like to be a woman, these content creators are making their mark.



1. Meghan Hughes


Meghan is the ultimate YouTube “big sister.” In addition to hilarious vlogs and story time videos, she offers advice on topics that some tend to shy away from, like sex, mental health, and body-confidence.  Check out: 




2. CarrieRad

If you’re looking for feel-good, Sunday-style videos, Carrie is your go to girl. She’s a natural beauty whose love for life shines out of her face. Her most recent video touches on what it’s like to be a woman every single day and the different modes and moods we all go through.

Check out:




3. RayaWasHere

Ready for some serious travel envy? Raya gave up her real “home” a few years ago to live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling to unique and beautiful countries and throwing herself into each one’s culture. Check out: 



4. Monica Church

The short-film style vlog game was dominated by men until Monica Church came along. Her refreshing style and go-with-the-flow attitude make her videos some of the best around. In addition to kick-ass vlogs, Monica recently posted a video that I’m sure inspired many to be honest not only with themselves, but with their partners. Check out: 




5. Valeria Lipovetsky

 A power-mom and supermodel, Valeria does it all. Her videos touch on topics like nutrition, beauty and skincare, fashion, and life advice, and she never seems to run out of inspiring messages for young girls. Check out: 



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